S.O. CREATIVE is a Houston-based branding and marketing agency specializing in powerful and creative branding strategies that deliver results. We know, because we’ve been at it for more than 25 years.

Why choose S.O. CREATIVE as your full service ad agency?

We are branding champions – seasoned, resourceful, nimble. We’re focused on value. We’ve definitely got the chops. S.O. CREATIVE can legitimately claim a spot as one of Houston’s top advertising agencies. Listed as one of the “Largest Graphic Design Firms in Houston” and “Top Advertising Agencies in Houston” for years by the Houston Business Journal, S.O. CREATIVE is an independent marketing and branding firm, marshaling a talented in-house team and a full roster of specialist resources. That’s how we keep responsiveness high and costs low. 

Our specialty is brand development and integrated B2B marketing solutions. Our clients represent the transportation, energy, government, healthcare and technology industries. Through strategic planning, creative development, brand strategy and integrated digital marketing, our services combine to generate dramatic results for our clients’ brands. And we have awards to prove it.

But, really, why S.O. CREATIVE?

S.O CREATIVE was founded by Sherri Oldham (as in S. O.), a respected creative professional on the Gulf Coast and Houston advertising scene for more than 25 years. As a result of her experience in branding and marketing, Sherri is the proud recipient of multiple national, regional and local awards. Sherri takes the lead on every account. S. O. there!


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Q: What is Branding?

A: Your brand embodies your company’s core values, consistently communicating who you are and what you stand for. At S.O. CREATIVE, we have demonstrated that the best brands generate value for clients, investors and employees. And, yes, we’re talking ROI.


Q: How Do You Create Branding Strategies?

A: Great branding strategies are, above all, authentic.
We begin by doing our homework on you.


To help us understand your business, S. O. CREATIVE develops a strategic outline that identifies your company’s market position, industry trends, direct competitors, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. We then tailor a solution that creates a consistent and strong brand identity across multiple channels. That’s how we start building traction.

Through a mix of creative vision and strategy, we help your brand position as a strong, unique Identity. We employ a methodical approach to solidify a brand communications strategy – backed by implementation and production services to guide the promotion and optimization of your brand.

This mix of creativity + strategy at S.O. CREATIVE is our secret formula. It’s what enables us to develop a genuine, identifiable brand that resonates with your audience. And leads to meaningful, lasting results. Our specialty is ideas, and here’s a good one: Take a look at some of the branding and marketing work we’ve done for top oil and gas, healthcare, logistics, and transportation companies. You’ll get the idea.


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